Easter chess banter

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Easter Sunday, the weather was beautiful outside, but there was no time to enjoy the sunset. There was some chess to be played! Maastricht Chess Club is competing in the online Team Battle on Lichess! An online competition where chess clubs in the Netherlands compete to become the best online Chess club.

This tournament takes place every Sunday evening from 20:00-22:00 were contestants try and accumulate as many points as possible for their team in 3 min +2 seconds per game schedule with the top 5 players of every team contributing to the final team score.

Maastricht competed with the following players

  • Maarten van Laatum (likeamaniac)
  • Joel de Vries (RaphaelVarane)
  • Gijs Ijzermans (Gijsijsijs)
  • Hans Hoornstra (Hanseman)
  • Florian Jacobs (Flo_55)
  • Juan Pablo de Mey (Caribbeanvibe)
  • Christopher Brookes (Brokjes)
  • Laurids Stockert (KiyoakiMatsugae)
  • Tom Koolen (Tomkoolen1996)
  • Helmer Wieringa (Wieringa)
  • Griffen Chu (HeyGNC)
  • Mark Bueno (Mark-Bueno)

Fighting for promotion

Maastricht was competing to get promoted to the first division in the online league in the Netherlands, with only the first two teams gaining promotion. Maastricht didn’t get off to a good start with multiple players losing games left, right and centre. Maybe it were the nerves, or maybe it was the Sunday Easter drinks before the games or the Easter chocolate and food, we will never know. In any case one player showed up and that was Raphael Varane showing the rest of the team the winning mentality and not long after, the rest of the players started following his lead!

After the first hour mark, we managed to get into second place behind SISSA, a great position to be in. But unfortunately, several players might have lost sight of the end goal, because fatigue was starting to set in. However there were several players who at that time found the energy to keep on pushing forward and those players were our already fearless Raphael Varane, Hanseman, Likeamanica and Gijsijsijs. They started to accumulate points beyond our wildest imagination! Making sure Maastricht maintained second place and gained promotion to the first league of the online chess team battle competition.

With Likeamaniac leading the Maastricht pack with 34 points closely followed by Raphael Varane with 33 points, Gijsijsijs with 27 points and Hanseman & Flo_55 with both 26 points. Honourable mentions go out to the other team players who also accumulated a lot of points and more importantly took potential points away from the opposition.
A great shout-out to the organisers of the online Sunday team battle league.

Feel free to show your support this upcoming Sunday or maybe even join the team and measure your chess strength with the best online teams in the Netherlands.

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