Breaking: Blunder virus can infect all age groups!

This game from round 3 showed us that no matter how veteran or how rookie one is in chess, the blundervirus is always a threat even if the game is completely decided.

Limburg Summer Series Round 3

White: Helmer Wieringa. Elo: 1959

Black: Pablo Pereira. Elo: ?

Dynamic battle between Ruud and Helmer

Round 2 also brought us a very instructive game. Father time beats all of us and this contest was no exception, as time trouble brought down the fierce defense of Helmer against Ruud van Mengen.

Limburg Summer Series 2021 Round 2 Group 1

White: Ruud van Meengen. Elo: 2291

Black: Helmer Wieringa. Elo: 1959

Reinier scores a draw against Gino with his “down to earth” chess

Round 2 of the Limburg Summer Series saw Reinier Overtoom hold on to a draw against favourite Gino de Mon. This game may not seem so important as there are many rounds left to play but it can have a huge impact with regard to the fight for first place.

Limburg League Summer Series 2021. Date: 2021.07.13. Round 2

White: Gino de Mon. Elo:2060

Black : Reinier Overtoom. Elo : 1770

Watch a Brave Black Knight deciding : Juan Pablo de Mey – Gino de Mon

One of the most anticipated games of Round 1 was the encounter between FM Juan Pablo de Mey (1995 Fide)  and Gino de Mon (2060 FIDE). The game proved to be a sharp one and it developped as it follows:

Great game: Pablo Pereira and Jelmer Veltman

In the game corresponding to Round 2 of the Summer Series Pablo Pereira and Jelmer Veltman engaged in a fierce battle full of tricks and drama. Do you still think that Bb5 Sicilian is boring? Check this out!

Click the link below to follow all the games of the Limburg Summer Series 2021!–2/summary

Turkish Surprise in Spring Blitz Series!

During the Limburg Spring Blitz tournament we were gladly surprised by the irruption of 12-year-old Serdar Murat Yildiz. The Turkish youngster came up with a Fischer-like performance to win the event with a perfect score of 7/7, 2 points clear of the second place earned by Hans Hoonstra. Solid strategic concepts, fine tactical awareness, speed… all the necessary ingredients to put up this performance were displayed by Serdar. However, the most surprising aspect of his game was the endgame, impressive if we take into account his young age. Here we have a clear example:

Black won on time, but he would have won anyways within a few moves, as the b-pawn was promoting inevitably.

It also must be said that the time control was 5+0 which makes it even more remarkable. We hope that we can play again with Serdar sooner than later in another edition of Limburg Series tournament!